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Empowering young people through rise up

Updated: May 23

Empowering Young People Through RISE UP: Nada's Journey


Let us tell you about Nada, an inspiring young woman whose journey with RISE UP is nothing short of amazing.


Nada first connected with us a few years back, looking for a way to kickstart her career. She landed a six-month internship at Talent, thanks to our placement programme. After her internship, Nada went back to university to study Neuroscience. At the same time, she was on the hunt for a part-time job. Despite her hard work, she struggled to find one for over six months. That’s when RISE UP stepped in to help.


When Nada reached out to us, she was looking for a job that would allow her to learn and grow. She wanted something that matched her career goals and fit around her studies. Seeing her potential, our team jumped in to help. We worked on her CV and guided her through the job application process. Within just one week of working with us, Nada landed a job as a hostess at a popular restaurant in Manchester City Centre.


But Nada didn’t stop there…

Encouraged by her success with RISE UP, Nada started looking into part-time tutoring for young people. We helped her connect with another organisation, and now she’s set to start this new role in September.


Reflecting on her experience, Nada said:

"I was looking for a job where I could learn and grow, and I was not able to find that on my own. So, I reached out to RISE UP, and I worked in Talent, which was exactly what I was looking for."


Nada’s journey with RISE UP was filled with positivity. She talked about the extensive support she received, from applying to an impressive company to preparing for interviews and updating her CV for future opportunities:

"My experience was very positive. I received support that exceeded my expectations. I was taught how to navigate job sites, tailor my CV for job applications, look for hints on company websites, and handle interviews professionally. The RISE UP team helped me apply for a great company and provided ongoing support throughout my time there."


These skills not only helped Nada secure her job but also boosted her confidence and self-esteem. She felt recognised and praised for her strengths, which she believes contributed significantly to her confidence during the job-seeking process:

"The support I received from RISE UP was the most positive aspect of my journey. Working with the team was great. I felt looked out for and received professional help with my CV and career guidance."


Our support didn’t end once Nada got her job. We provided ongoing assistance and regular check-ins to make sure she was comfortable in her new role and to address any concerns or additional support she might need:

"I received ongoing support and check-ins to discuss my concerns and needs. Whether I was comfortable at my current job or needed extra support, RISE UP was there for me."


Nada has some great advice for other young people seeking employment and considering support from organisations like RISE UP:


"Being supported by organisations like RISE UP, where there is genuine concern for young people, makes a big difference when you are starting in the work world. I would absolutely recommend it."


Nada's journey with RISE UP shows our commitment to empowering young people. Through personalised support, skills development, and ongoing mentorship, we helped Nada overcome her challenges and achieve her goals.


We are incredibly proud of Nada's achievements and can’t wait to support more young people like her in reaching their full potential.


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