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We believe in you and your potential! We know that taking the first or next step in your career is tough, but we’re here to help you succeed.

get ready to rise up

We know that the barriers that life puts in your way can sometimes seem too big to deal with, and that everyone sometimes needs a little help along the way. We’re here to provide that help without judgement or conditions attached so that you can RISE UP, fulfil your potential and find your purpose.


We know that everyone’s journey is different, so to us, you’re not just a statistic. To help you best we’ll get to know you, exploring your interests, skills and personality along the way. The majority of our support is provided 1:1 and tailored to your circumstances. So, get in touch today to talk about how we can work together on your journey to success.


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How we can help

Here is what we can do for you

Friendly mentoring, advice, encouragement and support with your own job search

Getting you ready to smash job interviews and assessments

Writing your first CV or making your existing CV shine

Job, apprenticeship,
internship & work experience opportunities with employers who care

Building your professional network as well as keeping you motivated and on track

Ongoing support after securing an opportunity to help you settle in and navigate the working world


RISE UP has been an amazing support, giving me the confidence and guidance to succeed in my job search. Matt’s coaching and feedback on my CV and LinkedIn page helped in securing my current role. They also advised me on interview questions and believed in the value I bring. Thanks to their help, I discovered my passion as a Software Tester, a challenging role that keeps me learning and allows me to problem solve. I'm genuinely grateful for RISE UP’s support and the safe environment they provided to refine my goals.

Muna, Young Person applying to FDM Group

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Whether you are just looking to find out more or discuss what we can do for you - 
say hello and we’ll get back to you! 

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