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A movement towards a brighter future for marginalised young people

Join our mission to ensure that every young person is empowered by their potential and can harness it to kick-start a career without limitations.

transform lives & feel the benefits

Jobs provide much more than just employment. They build confidence, encourage independence, increase knowledge and create friendships. They put food on the table and provide security and stability. They create structure while helping to build self-esteem and a sense of identity and purpose. 

With the support of employer partnerships, charitable donations and time giving, we’re creating career pathways for marginalised youth who are typically at risk of joblessness. Partnering with RISE UP will give you the opportunity to access the future generations of talent while creating meaningful career opportunities for those typically looked over.

There are different ways you can get involved and benefit from the RISE UP services. Our impact ties in perfectly with organisational CSR and ESG strategies and even provides personal development opportunities for SMEs and business leaders.

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of young people said their education hadn’t properly equipped them with the skills they need to get the job they want *City & Guilds research

We’re on a mission to challenge this statistic head on by creating supported pathways into meaningful careers.

It’s time to create a better future of work opportunity for the next generations of talent.

what you can do:

Create job pathways

Provide accessible jobs, apprenticeships or paid work experience opportunities that change the lives of young people.

Volunteer your Time

- Become a RISE UP mentor

- Host a placement day, week or internship

- Host or participate in a panel event

- Deliver an employer masterclass talk

- Facilitate mock interviews

Sponsor via the opportunity Fund

Sponsor our vital work by making a tax-deductible charitable donation or join one of our fundraisers! 

Spread the

Share your stories and RISE UP contribution on your own website and social channels to help us spread the word and build a movement for change.

Our intern was an absolutely great addition to our growing talent pool at JBR because she added diversity from a number of perspectives.

I would strongly encourage all companies to work with RISE UP.

Nayan V. Kisnadwala, CEO, JBR CAPITAL

Create job pathways

Looking for the future generation of talent? Look no further! Hiring early years talent from diverse backgrounds adds value to your business, fosters a better company culture and increases talent retention.


Our careers pathways service provides each young person with a supported route into a job they love while you benefit from an enhanced recruitment service that is cost effective and ensures you hire and retain the talent you need.


You’ll have a dedicated account manager and recruitment specialists to find, coach, assess, onboard and support your new talent.


Funds generated from the career pathway service are invested directly back into running RISE UP services with a minimum of 15% assigned to the Opportunity Fund.



Amazing Talent

Identify, hire and retain the next generations of talent - our participants are ready and hungry for the opportunity to grow and succeed. We help them realise their potential and understand how to nurture it and apply it in a career setting.


Access our purpose driven youth engagement service combined with the expertise and support of our biggest collaborator, Talent, who design and deliver fast-paced and strategic talent solutions for organisations across all sectors.


We can take care of anything from candidate attraction campaigns and employer brand development, through to process design and management, strategic talent planning and anything else you might need our support with!


We’ll be on-hand to support you and the person you hire to ensure they settle in well and have all the resources they need to succeed. Should any challenges or risks arise, we’ll be right there to mitigate them with you.

Diversity & Social Impact

Our service is striving to bridge the gap between disadvantaged youth and meaningful career opportunities, the impact of which is aligned deeply with a lot of the objectives within CSR programmes, national campaigns and funding streams.

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Some of our brilliant employer partners:

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RISE_West Mercia Police.png
RISE_JBR Capital.png
You did such a great job on our social mobility apprenticeship pilot RISE UP was the first name that came to us when we wanted to improve diversity in other areas too

christine swift, volume recruitment manager, direct line group

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of young people in the UK aged 14 -24 are living in poverty
*NPI research


Young people in long-term unemployed or “never worked” households were more likely to feel people like them don’t have much of a chance in life.

Together, we can make opportunity accessible for all.

The Opportunity Fund

Are you looking to enhance your image and make a real impact as part of your Corporate Social Responsibilities?


The Opportunity Fund has been designed to support our participants with costs that are often overlooked whether that be a clothing grant, equipment, travel bursary or even lunches.

RISE UP relies on the good-will and support of individuals and organisations to continue its work. Your donation will help contribute to a brighter future for a young person and in turn create a more diverse, accessible and vibrant world for us all to work in.

By pledging your support, you will receive a full impact report on how participants have progressed due to your support. A pledge will also enable you to showcase your brand in a positive light by featuring as a preferred partner on our website and social channels.

Become a RISE UP Mentor

By providing regular or one-off mentoring to a RISE UP participant, you’ll help empower and encourage a young person at the start of their career.

Host a placement day, week or internship

Work experience is crucial to young people’s career pathway experience. It gives them the insight needed to understand their skills and capabilities within a workplace and encourages them to see their value and worth.

Host or participate in a panel event

Panel events are a perfect way to talk about important topics that impact the workplace while showcasing your brand as an employer of choice amongst targeted audiences.

Deliver an employer masterclass talk

Help our RISE UP participants learn new skills, understand what it takes to thrive in the workplace and how to navigate their career by delivering a masterclass and sharing your story.

Facilitate mock interviews

Interviews can be a little daunting even for the most experienced amongst us – help our RISE UP participants build their confidence and skills so that they nail the interview for their dream job!

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your time

Young people need inspiration, motivation and encouragement. They need to hear from people who’ve shared similar experiences. They want to learn, evolve, become their best self.

You can help our RISE UP participants gain confidence, realise their potential and find a career path by giving a little of your time, sharing your expertise and telling your story.


How can you help?

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Fundraising to help combat Youth Unemployment

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Whether you are just looking to find out more or discuss what we can do for you - 
say hello and we’ll get back to you! 

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