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Collaboration not competition!

Let's Collaborate

We partner with other amazing youth-involving and employment organisations to provide the best overall support structure and results for young people. We share the opportunities we secure as quickly as possible, so that this ever growing network of “community partners” have time to effectively engage and refer young people to us. We also welcome general referrals of young people interested in employability and careers advice to support their own job search. 


Our friendly staff have an excellent understanding of the challenges young people can face, but we recognise our strengths primarily relate to employment and employability. So, we also refer young people who need specialist support in other areas to community partners in our network, either during their journey to employment and/or after having secured a placement.


In all cases, we share the credit for our collective success and love to collaborate on positive news stories when this happens. Thanks to the generous support of Talent International (UK & Germany) we also don’t rely on “drawing-down” funding for outcomes. So, we’re happy for you to do this even if a young person is ultimately connected to an end employer via ourselves.

Community Partnership Benefits


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Thank you for supporting our UK Year of Service Members at your digital development event. Both sessions sought to increase confidence in finding and applying for new opportunities as our members begin to contemplate their next career move. The 'Optimising LinkedIn' session identified ways for members to continue to expand their professional network as well as finding relevant opportunities whilst the 'Tailoring CV' session created a space to reflect on their skills and practise tailoring their CV to specific job descriptions.

Vicky, Product Lead, NCS Trust

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