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Fundraising to help combat Youth Unemployment



RISE DAY takes place on Friday 21st June 2024, and is an opportunity for communities and organisations to RISE UP against youth unemployment. People from all walks of life will walk, climb, run, swim and row to raise funds. These funds will help support work readiness programmes, mentoring and work placements for marginalised young people throughout the UK.

RISE DAY is organised and funded by the RISE UP charity which specialises in supporting some of the UK’s most vulnerable young people in finding meaningful careers. For the young people we work with, a job isn’t just a job – it’s security, shelter, financial independence, a sense of belonging and a hope for a better future.

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Our impact

RISE UP helps some of the most disadvantaged young people in the UK defy the odds by providing them with a hand-up so that they can build a better future.

*This video was recorded using our original name of Talent RISE

Join us in providing a hand-up, rather than a hand-out

RISE DAY presents a fun and easy way for organisations to give back to their communities, benefit from enhanced team building, improve workplace culture and build upon existing Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives.

There are 3 main ways that you can get involved:

1. Join one of our pre-scheduled events


One of the biggest barriers young people face to employment is resilience. Youth unemployment in the UK is once again on the rise and in a world that requires degree level education for entry level roles and hiring managers that will only hire in their own image - what chance do marginalised young people have?

This year our RISE UP team and young people will hike, climb, swim and camp in North Wales to help highlight just how resilient the UK’s most vulnerable young people need to be to defeat the odds and create a better future for themselves.

Join us and fellow supporters for a 30km hike up and down Mount Snowdon followed by a 500-meter cold water swim in Llyn Padarn lake. For some optional added adventure – those that want to extend their challenge can join us for some camping under the star light skies of North Wales too.



Snowdon: North Wales

Just because we pursue a grown-up career doesn’t mean that we need to completely abandon our youth. Young people are creative, curious, fearless and full of imagination. They have the potential to change the world and transform organisations for the better - if they are given the chance.

To celebrate this our RISE Up team will be stoking the fires of their imaginations by dressing up as their favourite characters, heroes (and/or dinosaurs) and taking on the 32km Jurassic Walk along the English south coast!


You can register your interest in joining these events either as an individual(s) or as a group. Everyone who attends the events are required to commit to a minimum of £200 in fundraising in support of RISE UP.



Jurassic Walk: Devon

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2. Host your own event

Are you passionate about combating youth unemployment? Are you looking for a way to inspire and motivate your teams around a common cause? Then organising your own RISE DAY activity could be just the ticket.

Get creative when thinking up your own challenge for RISE DAY and join in on the joint fundraising and social awareness campaign. Together we can make a big difference in changing young lives.

If you’re interested in hosting your own event, our fundraising team are on hand every step of the way with support in event development and planning, communications, fundraising and much more. Register your interest.

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3. Sponsor RISE DAY

Looking for a quick and easy way to partner with us in the fight against youth unemployment? Become a RISE DAY sponsor and have your brand showcased in our nationwide fundraising campaign and promotional activity.


Packages and options are bespoke depending on your individual needs, for further information email:

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