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WE NEED A Charity development manager
Are you ready to make a difference?

RISE UP is looking to hire a Charity Development Manager to help break down employment barriers for young people and grow the brand across the UK.

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Role Requirements

Engage young people

Work with community partners and directly with young people to assess work readiness and help connect them with training and mentoring opportunities.

Engage hiring managers

Leverage our nationwide network of hiring managers to open up work experience and placement opportunities.


Our target is to raise £100,000 per year to support our charity efforts. Utilise our network of clients and consultants to help build regular giving commitments and deliver standalone fundraising events.

Build Branding

With support of our inhouse Marketing team capture success stories and contribute opinion pieces and research to help build the charities profile and awareness.


Collaborate with relevant third parties to ensure that the charity operates effectively and adheres to appropriate governance, with guidance from advisors such as our legal and in-house finance personnel.


Collaborate with the Trustees, Shareholders and Group Finance to foster a cohesive group that can aid in mobilizing and sustaining the charity's growth.


Preferred Experience

Charity Exprience
It would be great if candidates have had experience working within the UK charity sector and in particular working with young people.

We are looking for someone who is comfortable working independently but can also lead a team, influence senior leadership and create a strategic vision for growing the charity.

A Passionate Storyteller 
This role comes with a genuine ability to be a force for good and transform lives for the better. We are looking for someone who can confidently present these stories to promote engagement and drive fundraising.


Whether you are just looking to find out more or discuss what we can do for you - 
say hello and we’ll get back to you! 

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